Ascension Island is no longer in the game, as of the June 9th, 2016 update.

Ascension Island was an area reached by climbing up to the top of Lonely Cave and walking through the gate. It was an area in which flying was disabled. It had the basic map layout of Bonfire Island and Lonely Cave , although it was barren and dry. At first the player saw nothing except for a barren wasteland. Upon looking up, the player would see a sprawling series of floating stones. Climbing up the ramp would lead to the first stone, and the player could jump onto it. The player had to climb a series of hundreds of stones until they reached the ‘rings’. They were like the stones in a sense, except most of the middle was missing. The width the player must cross is no larger than the largest lion a player could make. There were 21 of these rings the player had to cross. There were exactly 286 stones (including rings) in Ascension Island overall.

Falling Edit

If the player made a mistake, their character would fall.
There were three options:
  • The first was to fall all the way down and start over.

(or use set home button)

  • The second was trying to land on another stone.
  • The third, and the least likely to happen, was glitching.

A glitch that could happen was while the player was falling, they would hit a stone, yet go through it. This will result in either getting stuck in it, or falling through it.

Climbing Without FallingEdit

It was rare, but some were able to climb without falling. Most players did a 'home set' once and a while as they climbed. That way, if they were to fall, then they could simply click 'Go Home' and have their progress saved. This technique was almost vital at the rings, as there was a higher chance of falling up there.

Area infoEdit

The player could get here by jumping the squares that led to the top of Lonely Cave, where the portal was.

The Sky's Rim portal was on a platform at the very top, and was the 'reward' for climbing up Ascension Island's many stones.

Notes about this mapEdit

  • Climbing this area was considered to be remarkably difficult, especially for new players.
  • The rings were intended to be the most difficult.
  • There was an occasional glitch where the player would spawn in water.
  • You could not fly in this map, since it would make everything wayyy too easy.
  • There used to be a large amount of anime roleplayers here.