Bonfire Island

Bonfire Island.

In prossess of making a map of the old version of bonfire Island I hope to have it out soon so check frequently and soon ill have it up and running :D

Bonfire Island is no longer in the game, as it was removed with the June 9th, 2016 update, and replaced with a new map, Bonfire Islands.

Bonfire Island was one of the few maps accessable in both FeralHeart and FeralHeart+. It was one of the most populated maps and many players went there to socialize, meet new people, and sometimes take part in small roleplays.

The island was circular with a mount that had a cave on top and a rock for standing on. The mountain also had an entrance to Ficho Tunnel . Like all maps, the map had a boundary around the sea that surrounded the island. This means that players could only go a certain distance away from the island.


When a player went through Ficho Tunnel and went through the portal at the the bottom left side, they would pop out in Bonfire.

FeralHeart Notes Edit

  • This map was usually the most populated, along with Fluorite Plains.
  • This map was known for Lion king, large herds of horses, and sometimes dragons.

FeralHeart +Edit

Screenshot 01222012 103437986

Bonfire Island in FeralHeart+.

Bonfire Island went to Ficho Caverns and the portal was found at the top near the Mountain.

This is a map where you could switch from FH to FH+. It contained a number of Bonfires, so it could cause more lag to people if they used FH+.

Notes about this MapEdit

  • This map was the best place to look for Lion King roleplays. A popular setup for these roleplays is that the large Curved Mountain was Pride Rock, whilst the back of Pride Rock was the Outlands/Elephant Graveyard.
  • This map was a common spot for meet-ups.
  • There was usually lots of lag at Bonfire Island, but even more in FH+.
  • Bonfire Island, particularly the FH+ version, was sometimes nicknamed Lagfire Island.
    Feral Heart Bonfire

    Feral Heart Bonfire

    Feral Heart + Bonfire

  • One of the best maps to go to before switching between FeralHeart Games (FH and FH+).
  • This was the most popular map that wasn't famous for bad tokens and server failures.
  • Players attended the Mate Center often, usually females. If a player is lucky enough to find a mate, they went to the Adoption Center to start their families.
  • The map was a constant target of FeralHeart Tumblr Blogs.

FeralHeart+ NotesEdit

  • Bonfire was often a place where characters roleplayed the story of 'The Lion King'.
  • The map was often very laggy.
  • Mate Centers, Adoption Centers, and dance parties often occured here.